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Q: Is support for learners included?
Yes. Learners can access support using their own logins.

Q: Can we edit the course content?
Yes, you can. With your admin access, you can edit the training materials we have available.

Q: How do we create a course?
Use your admin access to create content for your organization. You can also schedule a demo at www.goozamgrow/requestforademo to learn more about how to use GooZam Grow.

Q: We need Custom Setup. Can you help?
Yes. Please let us know about your custom e-learning development needs and we will get you set up. You can know more about the set up by requesting a demo at www.goozamgrow/requestforademo

Q: Can courses be assigned to specific users?
Yes, you can. With your admin access, the permitted administrator can do this using their account.


GooZam Grow is an eLearning Platform
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